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Software development services

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About Us

Aliquot offers bespoke software development that helps give your business a competitive advantage

When it comes to bespoke software development you’ll find us well within our comfort zone when we’re solving complex business problems. We’re best at cultivating solutions and systems to operational or process problems that plague many modern businesses.
The advice we provide is completely free of charge and comes with no obligation to use our services. Give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll gladly offer impartial, professional and most importantly useful guidance specific to your business needs.

In the last few years we’ve created systems for Exeter University, Mitie, Securitas, Spurgeons, Yarlington, South West Water, Devon & Cornwall Police to name but a few.

Working in partnership

No two customers of Aliquot have the same needs, and so we offer a flexible approach to resourcing:

  • Fixed-Term Software Development: Fixed-term software development with fixed-time and a fixed-price. We can provide fixed-term software development where a customer’s need is for a very self-contained piece of software with clearly defined and comprehensively documented software requirements.
  • Ongoing Software Development: Ongoing software development or what we like to term as Team-as-a-Sevice (TaaS) is where we work with you from the earliest stages. From our work with startup companies and of developing our own software products, we’ve embraced the principle of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – a demo that does pretty much what you want, to prove that it can be done.

Working with us

It’s possible you already have ideas for a software project where you need bespoke software development services. Let’s talk about that. Or if you’re unclear about a specific direction but appreciate the concept, let’s have that conversation instead. Either way, fill in the ‘Request a Callback’ form below or call us on 01823 772404 for a free no-obligation consultation.

Our Services


At Aliquot we have a passion for bespoke software. We believe all businesses should have software they can rely on, developed specifically for them. With us, you can guarantee that any software solution we produce is 100% bespoke and tailored to suit how you work.

Bespoke software provides a competitive advantage while speeding up processes and making them work as efficiently as possible. Working with our team of developers, we ensure our software is cutting-edge, easy to use, and dependable for businesses in any sector.


SharePoint is a dependable business tool, used world-wide because of its reliability, security and functionality. Many companies use it every day but few have experienced the full power of the platform and what SharePoint really has to offer.
With some bespoke enhancements and Add-ins, SharePoint can be transformed to streamline processes, make tasks simpler and integrate with any other business software. SharePoint is extremely adaptable, and with our extensive experience, we can easily tailor the platform to better exclusively suit you and your business.


Allow your team to access the software they need from any device, at any time with a web application developed by Aliquot. We have experience developing applications in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small booking solutions to comprehensive content management systems, that can be accessed seamlessly from any device.
A bespoke solution, developed specifically for you, has huge benefits modernising and streamlining business. They provide a competitive advantage, allow you to work as efficiently as possible and ensure customers have a great experience with your company.


We proudly have extensive experience working with and developing apps for the Cloud for any device, platform or operating system. Our apps are robust, look great, run smoothly, and because of our skills in writing optimised code, they are cost-effective and maintainable for years to come.

With the agility and scalability of the Cloud, the apps we develop at Aliquot are always responsive to change, powerful, and consistently reliable.


Desktop Applications are often reliable and powerful solutions as they harness the full capabilities of the computer they run from. With desktop applications you can expect a smooth, fast-running solution that accesses data very quickly and performs at a high standard.

We can create desktop applications to meet your specifications, for PC or Mac. Whether connecting to the internet or to the cloud, apps developed by us are robust, powerful and a joy to use.


Keep your staff connected and your customers engaged with a well-designed, powerful mobile app. With the huge usage of smart phones, a mobile application is often the most convenient and easiest way for consumers and staff to interact with your business.
At Aliquot we have extensive knowledge and experience in mobile application development. We are always learning new skills and technologies and take pride in developing cutting-edge, smooth, robust and attractive apps.